About Us

Our vision is to help you sleep soundly for a better life.

Specialising in equipment to treat respiratory disorders during sleep, Oxyflow helps people with disorders such as obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), obesity hypoventilation syndrome and neuromuscular disorders to get a good night’s sleep by correcting abnormal lung ventilation. We are your first choice for Sleep Apnoea (Apnée du sommeil) treatment in Mauritius.

Our Mission

Personalised patient care is what sets us apart with years of experience under our belt and the highest level of training in sleep disorders. Our mission is to ensure our patients have a better life and wellbeing. Our dedication to treat Sleep Apnoea (Apnée du sommeil) in Mauritius brings our patients long – lasting results improving their lives.


We constantly invest in high-end equipment and the training our staff.

Our team strives to achieve excellence in every aspect of the care and treatment for Sleep Apnoea (Apnée du sommeil) we provide to our patients in Mauritius. Our aim is to provide you with an exceptional health care experience through always being on the lookout for new equipment and additions to our services.

We promised to take care… and delivered

  • Recommended by Dr. Pillai to overcome an sleeping apnea problem, it is now more than 10 years that I have been using an Oxyflow CPAP device. In fact, today, I cannot do without. Even though a little expensive for us, it is very effective.
    Christian Calou
  • Cela fait bientôt une année que je possède une CPAP mais j’avais du mal à m'en servir car je trouvais difficile d'avoir un masque sur le visage pour dormir, cela a pris beaucoup de temps. Pour l'accepter j'ai eu besoin de l'aide et de la patience de Mme De La Peyre. J'ai enfin compris que mon bien-être dépendait de la CPAP et de ma volonté de guérir. Maintenant je ressens les bienfaits je ne peux plus m' en passer et cela grâce aux conseil et à l'accueil que nous donne Mme De La Peyre et son équipe.
    Bernadette Dauguet
  • I have been with Oxyflow since the beginning of the company, I use a CPAP everyday and the service is impeccable and I have always had the analysis, re-calibrating and the spare parts available when needed.
    John Davy