We provide world-class devices to our patients.

We have invested in equipment from leading companies such as Weinmann, Philips Respironics, ResMed and Löwenstein to give our patients the very best care possible. Our equipment includes a fixed or auto pilot CPAP, trilevel BiPAP, barometric or volumetric BiPAP and oxygen concentrators.

We also offer nasal, full face and nasal pillow systems that are carefully chosen according to the results of the sleep study and shape of the patient’s face.

Our patients receive free continuous follow-up and technical assistance once they start using a device. Make us your first choice when choosing a team of Sleep Apnoea (Apnée du sommeil) specialists in Mauritius.

We have a device for every need.

Your treatment device will give you a restful sleep and peace of mind.

Eager to sleep better?

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